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This page enumerates all changes for the incremental Yendif Player[5] releases.

Version 5.1

01-26-2014: Bug fixed version

  • Fix: Bug fixed when running a monetized video from youtube.

Version 5.0

12-02-2013: The 5.0 release introduces support for playlist.

  • New: Added support for playlist.

Version 4.0

11-05-2013: The 4.0 release introduces support for Google analytics.

  • New: Added support for Google Analytics. Using Yendif Player[4+], you can track the video/audio played by your users.

Version 3.0

10-28-2013: The 3.0 release introduces a new skinning option:

  • New: Added skinning option. This 3.0 release comes with 2 skin colors. Also we decided to introduce more in future.

Version 2.0

10-16-2013: The 2.0 release introduces support for <audio> element and a number of bug fixes:

  • New: Added support for audio element.
  • Fix: Flash fallback issue in opera.
  • Fix: Fullscreen issue in IE9, Opera and Safari.

Version 1.0

09-25-2013: Initial release of Yendif Player.