We are happy to announce our new store website www.yendif.com. Take a look around, find out about the products & services we offer.

Yendif Player, an innovatively designed and responsive video player, is launched under GNU GPLV3. Its distinctive commercial license allows users to replace the "Powered by Yendif !" label with their own brand.

The commercial license key is authorized against your particular domain address. For instance, if your domain name is mysite.com, then the license key will only be valid for mysite.com. Additionally, it will be valid for every sub-domain related to mysite.com. This implies that the license key will work for "www.mysite.com", "forum.mysite.com", or "anysubdomain.mysite.com".

Getting a commercial key

Click Buy commercial license menu from the site to order a new key. Once paid, you will receive a mail from our sales team requesting following details,

  1. Paypal transaction ID
  2. "Domain address" in where the player is used.

As soon you send the details, your key is mailed to your registered mail ID which is then used in your "player configuration" as explained in "Adding license key to the player" section of this page.

Note : Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for any sales related issues.

Adding license key to the player

You can use the "Global Configuration" method to add the key input.

<!-- global options -->

  yendifplayer.config = {
    license: 'Y123456789<0123456789>!',


Note : When the player detected the valid key, then it hide our "Powered by" label and show your image added through "logo" property.

During "embed", the player will be copied together with the licensed domain address (source domain) and commercial license key. This will make your personal logo visible in the embedded player. As soon as your logo is clicked, the user will be directed to the source domain from where the video is originally embedded.