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Yendif Technologies PVT Ltd. is continuously innovating and developing it's services further. You understand that the functionality of the service may change over time.

Yendif Player reserves the right to terminate or discontinue this service at any time. You understand and agree to this.

Video content, responsibility and copyright

  • You understand and agree to take full responsibility of the videos that you submit to the service and of all consequences that may result when the videos are published online using this service.
  • You agree to submit videos that DO NOT include content that is illegal to possess in the country where you live in, or content that is illegal for Yendif Player to posses as part of it's operation to provide this service.
  • Yendif Player does not promote any ideas or opinions and specifically denies all responsibility related to the video content published using this service.
  • You agree and confirm that you have (and will have during the use of the service) all required licensees, rights and permissions to the video content so that Yendif Player is able to provide this service, or that are in other ways required for you to use this service.
  • You agree that the video content that you submit to the service does not include any material protected by any third party, unless you have a license or permission from the right owner to submit the material to the service.
  • Yendif Player reserves the right to decide whether content is in line with these terms if Yendif Player suspects possible violations of these terms. If Yendif Player suspects violations to these terms it may take down the violating video content, at any time without any prior notice and solely based on it's own consideration and decision.
  • You remain as the full copyright owner for all videos that you submit to the service.

No warranty

The service is provided "as is" and Yendif Player does not provide any warranty or guarantee relating to it.

Refund policy

yendifplayer.com provides the fully functional demo of the software for you to evaluate. If you are unsure of the software fits your needs, please do contact us before purchasing.

On the following conditions you may be eligible for refund.

  • You bought a wrong subscription, however not yet downloaded the software. Since we do not have any control over the software after it is downloaded, we treat the software is being used after it is downloaded. Please do contact us for any membership switch overs before you download the software.
  • Issues related to hosting/installation which we could not fix and the software cannot be used on your website. We do not support the localhost websites and the sites which we do not have access to.
  • Charged multiple times for the same subscription.


You agree that Yendif Player is not liable for any direct or indirect consequences or losses that you may encounter. This includes 1) monetary losses, 2) loss of goodwill or reputation, 3) loss of opportunities and 4) loss of information.